What to Buy Before Baby Arrives

After a couple days home with baby Sri, my husband goes, “Wow, babe, you did a really good job shopping for this guy. We have everything we need.”

As a career mom, I rarely feel like supermom, so I relish in tiny mom wins like this. The best part about it was I used my own list! I created it for my cousin who was expecting while I was on maternity leave with Ava to help her navigate the dizzying number of baby products out there.

I’ve been sending the list around to my preggo friends for the past couple of years, never expecting it to come in handy for me.

Here’s my list of things to buy before your baby arrives. I hope it is helpful in narrowing down what you actually need.

Lots of newborn size diapers: Amazon Subscribe and Save is great!

Lots of wipes – I have tried Huggies, Pampers, Costco and Amazon wipes. Amazon unscented wipes are best by far. I do subscribe and save on these, too.

• Wipe warmer: Protects against baby screams during middle of the night changes

Changing table, changing pad – You spend a lot of time here so get one that’s a good height for you. I got the Keekaroo Peanut with Sri, and we love it.

Chux – We use these on top of the changing pad because it absorbs poop and pee and is disposable – much easier than cleaning the changing pad with each poop or pee explosion.

Boppy pillow, Boppy liner to protect the pillow against baby poops and pukes, and Boppy cover

Tennis balls – Boppy recommends drying the pillow with a tennis ball so it keeps its shape – I tried and it worked!
Lanolin for your nipples – Consider starting this a couple of weeks before you deliver. A little goes a long way, so a few small tubes is plenty.

Burp cloths or small towels, ten at least. The blue OR towels are great if you can get your hands on some!
• Breast pump – I used Medela Pump in Style. If breastfeeding is going well, you shouldn’t pump until baby is 3-4 weeks, but you may want to have one on hand in case you end up needing it.
• Bottles – We used Dr. Brown’s.

• Breast milk storage bags – I used Lansinoh.

Extra storage bottles for fresh breast milk. I used Medela since I used a Medela pump.

• Vitamin D drops – Breastfed babies need 400 IU daily – I love these – literally a tiny drop is all you need!

• Baby hairbrush
• Baby head-to-toe wash

• Ava had some very mild cradle cap so I used Mustela newborn shampoo, which cleared it up in a week. Sri has no cradle cap, but I still use it for him because I like it so much. One bottle lasts six months.

• Baby moisturizer. We use Aquaphor on both our kids.

• Nail clipper and file
• Baby hooded towels
• Wash cloths or sponge. We use these silicon sponges on the kids now, which have been great.

Baby tub – we use this thing by Puj that sits in the sink – Sri loves it! Ava hated water until she was a year and a half…

Halo sleep sack swaddle – At least two so you have one on hand in case of late night accidents

Crib, crib sheets and/or pack n’ play – Sri is sleeping in a pack n’ play for now until we move. It is working great, so no worries if you’re in house limbo when your baby is born like we are! We keep one upstairs and another downstairs.

Glider – I used this like 8x/day with Ava, Sri hasn’t needed it yet.
Fisher-Price Auto Rock ‘n Play – Ava exclusively slept in here for three months because she could not stay asleep anywhere else. Sri has been doing great in his pack n’ play.

Newborn size clothes (not the same size as 0 to 3 months): Don’t spend too much because they grow fast but you’ll need some onesies, pants, footed PJ’s. I think ten daytime outfits and five footed PJ’s would be plenty if you have your own washer/dryer.
*** My kids were on the smaller side. If your baby is measuring bigger they may be in 0-3 month clothes faster.
• Hats
• Socks
• OxiClean gel stick works great on baby blow out stains. Air dry the poopie clothes if you can, because if the stain’s not out and it goes through the dryer, it is never coming out.

• Stroller and car seat: We got the Doona with Sri. I’m totally obsessed with it.

• Thermometer that can be used rectally
• Infant Tylenol

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  1. VP April 20, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Thanks girl! Good to have a refresher! I bought the Puj Tub. Struggled to find a good infant tub with #1.

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